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Kids Cover

Kids Cover

“Previously the thought of setting up insurance (kids cover) on my children made me feel uneasy, as I dread the thought of anything happening to them. After talking with the team at Cancer Cover however, it was clear that it’s about protecting my family, and just being able to be there for them. I now do not have to worry about any financial consequences.”  Mary – client and mum

Protecting those we love most

How does Kids Cover work?

A number of trauma medical conditions can affect our children.

Kids cover helps you protect them financially by paying you a lump sum (up to $250,000) if your child is affected by one of these trauma conditions. Many parents and caregivers choose this cover so they can take time off work if their child becomes sick or injured, and to help pay for recovery-related expenses.

$50,000 trauma cover for your child will cost you around $7 per month on average. For such a small premium, it makes sense to cover your children as well as yourself.

Case study 1 – $50,000 claim

Single working mum Sally, has trauma insurance for her and 50k each on her children as it’s very affordable.

Sadly, her eldest Maltida had a terrible accident in the school playground causing her to lose an eye.   In addition to some assistance from ACC, there was subsequently a valid trauma claim under the policy.  Following the claim being filed and accepted, the cash payment was vital, keeping the mortgage and other bills paid, when Sally had to take necessary and unexpected time off work – not to mention the daily parking up at the hospital.

These stressful traumatic events typically take weeks, if not months for recovery.  This trauma cover payment was essential for Sally to maintain some sense of normality for her family during this time.

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Case study 2 – no insurance

A nine year old daughter of a friend of one of our team members, suffered terrible chemical burns in trying to replicate a science experiment at home.   This lovely girl spent six weeks in the Middlemore burns unit in the first stages of recovery.  During the last two years she has undergone numerous operations, but sadly the scaring in places (face and neck) will be a permanent reminder.

Her mother, the only care giver in this small two person family unit, subsequently had to resign from her just acquired dream job.  Like any mother, she couldn’t bear the thought of not being at the hospital each day until she could take her baby home.

While ACC have been brilliant, the bills and more bills, just keep coming.

Kids Cover - Trauma Insurance

Case study 3 – $150,000 claim

Bill and Jenny have a large family with their own children, and had recently become guardians of three additional children.   Bill, having worked in the Corporate world for many years had subsidised insurance, while Jenny, unfortunately with some health issues, was unable to get trauma cover herself.  Fortunately their adviser, explained the benefits of ‘stand alone’ trauma insurance for the children.  As a result, all the children were covered for $150,000 each with Kids Cover.  Only a few months later, Jonathan, their eldest, 18, was diagnosed with a severe form of leukemia, resulting in an extensive stay in hospital and later required quite a lot of assisted care.

The $150,000 payment received under the policy, enabled both Bill and Jenny to spend quality time with Jonathan as he battled his condition.  Bill says the trauma insurance payment, was a huge relief, which allowed them to be with their son daily and covered the care giver costs of their large family for eight long months.

Case study 4 – no insurance

Firstly, as we transpose this story, we would like to highlight the most dangerous item in your kitchen, that is the detergent used in dishwashers.   Please move this from under the sink and have it safely out of reach from your children.

Wilson the toddler, being the typical inquisitive little boy, was only in the kitchen alone for a minute when the worst imaginable nightmare occurred.  Wilson managed to open the cupboard where the detergent for the dishwasher was located.  The cap sadly was not fastened correctly and he swallowed some of it.  Without going into the traumatic events that followed, we can advise that his throat, particularly his larynx, was burnt and he is very lucky to be alive today.  Unfortunately, it’s unlikely he’ll ever be able to speak.

Wilson’s parents had no insurance like Kids Cover or general trauma insurance covering the family.  Even today, with the multiple operations, trips to specialists and therapists, that followed – Wilson’s parents still have to take turns spending time with him on his overnight stays at the various hospitals, as they both can’t afford to be with him.

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