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Estate Planning

Our highly experienced and legally trained team can assist you with all aspects of your estate planning.

  • Trusts and asset protection
  • Wills
  • Estate planning and administration
  • Enduring power of attorney (EPA)

Protecting your assets requires the use of discretionary family trusts and sold estate planning or preparing a will to ensure your estate is distributed according to your wishes. Anyone over 18 should have a will, even if you don’t have much.  Talk to us to get your existing will updated or a new one put in place.

If a person dies without a will, then the assets and other personal possessions will be distributed in accordance with the Administration Act 1969. This can cause a number of problems with the estate not being distributed as intended by the deceased and it also may create unexpected administration costs.

Our team can assist in the administration of your estate following your passing and provide guidance and help with any issues that may arise.

Further protection, by way of a trust can ensure that assets are protected from creditors, minimize means testing, protection through relationships (matrimonial).  Depending on your circumstances there can also be potential tax advantages.

We can assist in the administration of an estate following death.

Often leading up to death we are unable to make conscious decisions for our wellbeing and this is where having an Enduring power of attorney (EPA) is vital. Unlike an ordinary power of attorney, an enduring power of attorney can have effect if an individual is not able to make decisions for themselves, or to communicate those decisions. Our team understands the complexities in drafting wills and EPA’s – contact us for more information.