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Coronavirus Insurance Alert

Allianz Partners warning on new policies

Travel insurer Allianz Partners warns that it won’t pay out any claim caused by the coronavirus outbreak on policies bought from now on.

It says that from midday today it would expect a policy was entered into with awareness of the virus.

”For these policies, we will not pay any claim caused by or in any way connected with this event. Our policies do not cover claims for losses caused by something that you were aware, or which you ought to have been aware of, at the time of purchasing your policy,” the company warns.

The company has issued its advisory following MFAT’s latest travel advice.

It says its position may change, due to the ”ever-changing” nature of the outbreak

At this stage, policies will not cover customers wanting to cancel travel to anywhere apart from mainland China, based on the advice of MFAT.

”For example, if you are travelling or transiting through Hong Kong and Singapore, as of today, MFAT has not issued travel advice about these destinations. If flights through these ports have not been cancelled but you do not wish to take them, this would not be claimable under our policies.”

For those who entered into a policy before midday today and currently travelling the company has the following advice:

Coronavirus Cancellation

If your flight is delayed, cancelled or rescheduled and this causes you to miss your pre-paid travel arrangements, you may be able to claim for your pre-paid travel expenses as per the limits outlined in your policy wording.

“If your journey is disrupted as result of the Coronavirus, you may be able to claim the cost of your necessary and reasonable additional travel and accommodation expenses. Cover may extend to include meals depending on the limits outlined in your policy.”

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If travellers have not yet departed:
If pre-booked travel arrangements are cancelled, delayed or rescheduled because of the Coronavirus, travellers may be able to make a claim for rearrangement of their journey.

Allianz – which last year sold about 450,000 policies, advises travellers to get in touch with their agent and provider as there may be penalty-free options to amend travel.

”You should try to minimise your expenses including rearranging your journey where possible. If you have been using, for example, two-star accommodation on your trip to date, then any replacement accommodation should be of a similar standard.”

It says travellers should keep all receipts for any additional transport, food or accommodation expenses.

Coronavirus insurance alert
Coronavirus insurance alert

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