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Breast Cancer

8 Women Every Day

Similar to prostrate cancer with men, eight women a day on average in New Zealand, are told they have breast cancer.

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More about Breast Cancer

This cancer is the most common cancer for Kiwi women and the third most common cancer overall. Hereditary breast cancer is less common that most people think – Only 5-10% of breast type cancers can be explained by family history. Below are some fast facts, age risks and diagnosis rates.

Breast Cancer Facts

Time for a Mammogram?

A mammogram is a safe, low-dose x-ray of the breast that can pick up very small breast cancers, well before a lump can be felt.
Women have a 95% chance of surviving this type of cancer five years or longer if the cancer is detected by a mammogram. Because the risk of breast cancer increases as you get older, BCFNZ recommends women consider having regular screening from age 40.

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ recommends women consider having regular mammograms from the age of 40 as screening can detect cancer long before a lump can be felt.

See their web-site for more information and to donate.

Book your mammogram with BreastScreen Aotearoa on freephone 0800 270 200.

You can have a free mammogram every 2 years if you’re an eligible woman aged 45 to 69 years. Go to Having a mammogram to find out if you’re eligible and what’s involved.

For more information about Cancer Cover (Trauma Insurance) to cover breast cancer, call us on 021 956 156 or text ‘call me’ for a call back.