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Reducing your ACC Levies

ACC brought in an option called Cover Plus Extra which allows qualifying self-employed workers the opportunity to adjust their cover.

We can show you how to lower your ACC levies, often substantially, and provide cover for both accident and illness.  We are happy to involve your Accountant in any discussions or decision making.

ACC Cover Plus/ Extra

Most business owners and self-employed people are automatically put on ACC Cover Plus however that does not necessarily suit most businesses/self-employed people.  There is another option, Cover Plus Extra.

NB. Cover Plus is NOT guaranteed. If you are injured, it pays 80% of your income based on the 12 months before your accident, and you have to prove a loss. That means, if you have staff working and generating income for your business while you’re injured, ACC might not pay!

Cover Plus Extra pays even if staff continue to work and generate income for your company. It’s an Agreed Value product where you choose the amount you pay levies on and ACC pay the agreed amount no matter what you earned in the 12 months prior to your accident, but it only covers accident.

We can create a plan for you to cover accident and illness as well as saving you money on ACC levies.

Business Insurance can ensure:

  • Your business is still healthy when you or your key person returns to work. Various business costs including wages can be paid (including your own!), the lease on a premises, marketing; etc can be continued.
  • Allows you to train a replacement if your key person can’t return to work.
  • If you can’t return to work, it protects the value of your business so you still have a saleable asset.

Income Protection

  • A monthly income is paid to you if you can’t work due to illness or injury.

You can support your family, pay your mortgage and maintain your lifestyle if you’re too sick or hurt to work.

More about Income Protection Insurance here.

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